Debt Advice

Including eligibility to benefits, help through the claims process, filling in complex application forms*, understanding decisions on benefits, re-assessment of benefits due to changes in circumstances and general problem solving in relation to benefits. Advice and support in relation to new Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, new Local Authority schemes and other benefit changes .

We help with challenging decisions made by DWP, HRMC and Local Councils. Also obtaining expert evidence in support of challenges and advice on overpayments of benefits – including recoverability

We can advise on the merits of appeal tribunals, liaise with the Tribunal Service, obtain Expert evidence in support of appeals, prepare written submissions for appeal tribunals and where necessary provide representation at appeal tribunals. We offer advice following an appeal including advice on possible appeals to the Upper Tribunal.

Upon request it may be possible to deliver training courses on specific areas.

Our Debt Information section has lots of advice on what creditors can do, borrowing, and the different types of debts, including: Dealing with bailiffs. County Court judgments (CCJ) Payday loans. Debt management companies.

Quickest debt reduction

We can help you consolidate your debt to help pay it off quicker.

Business planning & strategy

We’re always asked how the best way of tackling debt is:

  • Reduce unnecessary spending
  • Work out want/need to have basis
  • Sell unnecessary or unused items in the household
  • Which services providers offer the best rates
  • Finding the best comparison service for your needs
  • Breaking down your personal finances
  • Setting realistic targets and goals

Are you building up debt?

Thinking it’s okay to spend more because you will get paid. This is the first sign of poor debt management or not taking unforeseen circumstances that could take affect.

If possible, always avoid credit cards as these can have bad repercussions in the future. Try to manage on normal household debit cards and make cuts where necessary to see you out of a bad patch.

If you are expecting to move homes in the next few months, it is best to start saving especially if you are renting as you could end up paying 2 rental agreements until the first one finishes. Been made evicted? Then call the local council immediately or if no avail then call us immediately.

Business plan market

There are many debt management tools out there such as:

  • Link 1 – Understanding
  • Link 2 – Debt +
  • Link 3 – JSA
  • Link 4 – Universal Credits
  • Link 5 – Local Council
  • Link 6 – Recovery
  • Link 7 – Stability

Individuals helped

How can we help you?

Contact us at the office number 01582 967 473 on or submit a inquiry online.

“Been working with the team for One Stop Advice Centre for many years now and am very pleased in how much we’ve achieved.”

Azra Jan
Founder, OSAC

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