Women Of Our Era Ceremony

The Women of Our Era Ceremony held on the 5th of October 2018, to celebrate the success of how far women have come and also to celebrate and commend the hard work put in from all our volunteers.

Great turn out on the night, great speeches from HM Lord Lieutenant Helen Nellis who is the first female appointed in 500 years. First BAME officer from Darlington Sajna Ali, Liz Mead, Head of Crime Bedfordshire Police, DR Debbie Challis and Dawn Bainbride from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We need to stay focused on Gender equality and Diversity, stamping out any form of discrimination.

We are women who are capable of having aspirations and reaching our goals.

In 17 countries, husbands legally prevent their wives from working. In 29 countries women are prohibited from working at night and in 34 countries women do not have the same inheritance as men do.

Even here in Britain, we face these challenges. So many barriers due to race, gender equality, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion and cultural beliefs systems where men still rule.

150 years ago, John Stuart Mill presented a petition to Parliament for women to be given the same political rights as men.

Helen Nellis First Female, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant in 500 years of Bedfordshire.

Over six decades later in 1928, all women over 21 in Britain finally won the right to vote. So changing was slow to happen but making changes, we are still on a journey.

The suffragettes performance was fantastic and the volunteers work on project was fabulous… The entire event was an empowering and all food including cakes were delicious.

I hope that this event has inspired to know anything is possible for women.