Company overview

Including eligibility to benefits, help through the claims process, filling in complex application forms*, understanding decisions on benefits, re-assessment of benefits due to changes in circumstances and general problem solving in relation to benefits. Advice and support in relation to new Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, new Local Authority schemes and other benefit changes .

We help with challenging decisions made by DWP, HRMC and Local Councils. Also obtaining expert evidence in support of challenges and advice on overpayments of benefits – including recoverability

We can advise on the merits of appeal tribunals, liaise with the Tribunal Service, obtain Expert evidence in support of appeals, prepare written submissions for appeal tribunals and where necessary provide representation at appeal tribunals. We offer advice following an appeal including advice on possible appeals to the Upper Tribunal.

Upon request it may be possible to deliver training courses on specific areas.

We continue to grow everyday thanks to the confidence individuals have in us. We cover many topics such as financial, job searching, business services, family housing and many other matters.

Our mission

Our renowned work finding programs will allow you to:

  • Find jobs and improve C.Vs
  • Write cover letters and professional e-mails
  • Help in time keeping and improving personal skills
  • Have interview practice sessions
  • How to dress smartly for job interviews
  • Automate your job search via major platforms
  • How to approach potential employers
  • Practice on telephone manner

How we work

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How can we help you?

Contact us at the office number 01582 967 473 on or submit a inquiry online.

“Been working with the team for One Stop Advice Centre for many years now and am very pleased in how much we’ve achieved.”

Azra Jan
Founder, OSAC

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